Ja som a Wroclaw!!

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Diumenge, 29 de Maig de 2016




Today we woke up at four o’clock, and we took the first plane at eight o’clock and the second plane at three o’clock, doing a transfer in Munich. When we arrived to Wroclaw,  we took a bus to downtown and arrived at the hotel. Here, at the hotel, we practiced the presentation of Badalona. At eight o’clock, we went to have dinner in a restaurant and ate pizza.

And this is our first day in Wroclaw.

Good night families and friends!!

Hugo and Dani  


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Jaime García ha dit:

Gaudiu molt de l’experiència!!!
Aprofiteu per conèixer món, parlar amb gent d’altres llocs, aprendre d’altres cultures!! (…i llepar-vos els dits amb els menjars típics d’allà!!!)

Ana Pérez ha dit:

The adventure has just started!! I’m sure all of you are going to enjoy every single moment!!! Have a great time in Poland and give regards to Agniezka and Marcin!!

Anna Segovia ha dit:

Teniu molta sort !
Aprofiteu cada moment i cada experiència , formarà part de la vostra vida , per sempre.
I recordeu de “mimar” les profes .

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