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Dimecres, 1 de Juny de 2016

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Good night!!

Today we have waken up so early. At 7 o’clock we had to be in the restaurant to have breakfast. We have had breakfast and at quarter to eight, the Polish people were waiting for us in the coach to go to the Polish National Dancing Company. We have been travelling for 2 hours and a half. We have been separated in two groups: in one van there were Dani, Hugo, Andrea, Alma, Sara and a Polish girl and two Polish boys; in the coach there were Montse, Marina, and other students and teachers.

When we have arrived a dancer has taught us a traditional Polish dance. It was very easy.

Later on, we have learnt some things about dancing clothes in special situations and we have seen a very long video about people dancing.

Then we have had lunch with everyone and we have walked through the garden. Some teachers have given a lollipop to us because it was the Children’s day.

We came back to the hotel and we have relaxed because we were tired. Later, we have prepared our presentations about Badalona: Past and Present for tomorrow.

It was dinner time, so we went for having it. Finally, we have had dinner at GRECO’s, a Greeck restaurant.

Sara and Alma


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