Meeting at school!!!!!!

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Dilluns 30 de Maig de 2016

Today we had a nice day at the Polish school: the students were very friendly and the school was very decorated.

In the afternoon, we went to the hotel for having the siesta. And then, we went to the Market Square for buying some souvenirs.

After that, we went to a restaurant with Romania and Portugal for having dinner.

It was cool! We met a new friend: Joana, from Portugal!

Good night to everybody!!!

Andrea & Marina 




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Albert Perpinyà ha dit:

Enjoy the experience. Travelling and visiting other cultures is one of the best ways to gain perspective, open your minds and avoid the narrow-mindedness that is harming so much our society these days.

A great hug for all of you.

Albert Perpinyà

virginia ha dit:

Meeting new friends in real time, what an experience! Looks like you’re having a great time in Poland. Enjoy and keep us posted!

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