Congratulations!!!! Salesians Badalona obté un accèssit!!!!

Escrit per isabel.defrutos,

“Part of the students of 2nd ESO of Salesians Badalona have recently submitted an entry for a Trinity College’s contest in English. This contest consisted on preparing a play. This year it was Much ado about nothing. The excitement and the effort filled up all the project and the results were extraordinary.

Everything started when the teacher Eva suggested us to participate in this contest. The students with more fluency  in the English language were the actors and actresses. We made a little contest among the three classes to choose the one was going to participate in the first phase of the Trinity Contest.

We prepared the scene during one month and the result was magnificent. The effort to learn the dialogue and to do our best was all time with laughing and team spirit. Despite the bad moments and the stress, our mates’ help and support took us into the success.

The day arrived, everyone was nervous and tense but, in our faces, the excitement and a big smile showed the happiness that we were feeling. The teachers’ faith and our clasmates’ motivation with all the effort, made all the performances fantastic. We enjoyed a lot.

The moment arrived. We were going to decide the winner class. The pressure and expectacion made of this minutes an eternity. All the work worth the effort and the winner was….2nd B!

The chosen students with other actors and actresses prepared two scenes more, and later we recorded the video. We worked in this project for seven weeks, doing our best and with the same faith and attitude of the first day. The film day arrived, everybody was very nervous but we trusted in us and with our classmates. At the end , the recording was excellent.

Our teacher sent it to the Trinity College. We waited very nervous for the answer. Finally they sent us the response. Unfortunately we weren’t the chosen group but we received an accessit, so we aren’t unhappy because we know we have near the same level as the winner groups. We are satisfied with our work and we had a fantastic experience.

We thank our teachers and our classmates for all the support they gave to us”.

(CarlaB.+Carla G.+ Aina O.+Lucia M.)

L’organització del concurs teatral Trinity College ens agraeix l’esforç que els nostres alumnes han posat a la preparació d’una obra universal i molt versionada com és “Much Ado About Nothing”de Shakespeare.

Un any més, han demostrat creativitat, bon nivell d’anglès i molta il·lusió.

Només 3 han pogut ser finalistes, decisió que, com cada any, no ha estat fàcil.

Però gràcies a l’alt nivell demostrat enguany, ens conviden a recollir

un premi d’ACCÈSSIT 

a la final, juntament amb 3 centres més.

Tots els centres estem convidats a assistir a la final, on els tres finalistes presentaran l’obra ampliada i recollirem el premi Accèssit. Tindrà lloc la setmana del 22 o del 29 d’Abril (en breu anunciarem el dia).

Des de Trinity ens agraeixen molt sincerament l’esforç i dedicació de cada una de les obres, les quals valoren molt positivament.


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Dani ha dit:

I already have a positive EVA, remember to give it to me, thanks.

Pau ha dit:

Well, done. It’s a great experience I recommend you to participate in that type of contests. Congratulate all my class for all that big progress that we have done! And for all of my classmates that help us to make this class ¡THE BEST! – 🙂 :3

Pau ha dit:

Congratulations for my class, I’ve the best classmates i could have ever. I recommend you to do this type of contests. This class make us the best class in 2n of ESO, we are ¡THE BESTS! – 🙂 congrats.

Néstor ha dit:

It was very entertaining have the play and the two dances.
And i like because acting you spend well and learn English both.????????????????

Nil Calahorro ha dit:

This experience for me had made me a beter person, this is because we were like a family and we help one to other. Too I am very proud for our level in tihs competition and I hope we win in the next contest. 🙂
Also I want to say that is article is very good expained and I think that reflects our thoughts.

Iván ha dit:

This shows that if you try hard you get the reward.

Dani ha dit:

GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pau ha dit:

I’m so tiresome, but

izan pescador ha dit:

good job class!!!!

IZÁN ha dit:

good job class!!!

IZÁN ha dit:

good job class!!

IZAN ha dit:

VERY GOOD !!!!!!

Arnau ha dit:

It’s the best class I’ve had, it’s hard but we liked to do it. Next time we’ll win.

Nayara ha dit:

Me have like many make the work the theatre whith Eva have state very funny

Eva López ha dit:

I’m so proud of my students!!!! CONGRATS!!! 😀

Jésica Dávila ha dit:

Congratulations!!!!!! sounds perfect!!!!!

Cristina Trepat ha dit:

I really enjoyed your performance. And what truly amazed me most was the whole class taking part of it.
My congrats! Come on!

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