Salesians Badalona celebra el Dia Internacional de la Llengua Materna!!!!

Escrit per RR.II.,

Des de Pastoral i Plurilingüisme de l’escola, ens conviden a celebrar avui 21 de Febrer el


L’alumnat de Primària escriu la paraula MÚSICA en la seva llengua materna amb l’Olívia.

Presidents’ Day in the USA

Escrit per RR.II.,

Presidents’ Day is the third Monday of February every year.

This day was  originally established to honor President George Washington in 1885.

Today  the holiday is now popularly viewed as a day to celebrate all U.S. presidents, past and present.  

Dual Diploma offices in the USA will be closed that day.

Hi Polish friends!!!!

Escrit per RR.II.,

Our 5th grade students wrote back to their Polish penfriends!

Writing to real people makes English more motivating. 

English is not just a subject, but a language to communicate with others!